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Customer Journey Mapping

I offer a one-day (2 half-days if carried out remotely) Customer Journey Mapping course destined to give a detailed overview of the Customer Journey Mapping process with practical exercises.

I also offer a two-day (4 half-days if remote) Customer Journey Mapping Workshop intended for business entities (such as entire companies and/or organizations, individual divisions, or business units) who wish to carry out a Customer Journey Mapping exercise with specialist moderation. It includes the contents of the one-day course, adding a customized workshop to elaborate a Customer Journey Map for the organization in question.

The two-day workshop includes a 2-hour phone/video call prior to the event in order to get background information on the client organization, thereby allowing the trainer to focus on the important topics immediately when the course starts.

Contact me for a quote for a training course for your organization.

Course Outline

We will study the theory for Customer Journey Mapping via a tried and proven method to be agile in responding to customers' needs in this disruptive post-pandemic environment,

By enabling participants to better understand their customers, it will help them to be prompt and efficient in making changes to their business to respond to evolving wants and needs. It will give participants a tangible view of how to improve their customer experience on a recurring

Participants will create Level 1 customer journey maps, and go on to understand the various customer touchpoints and moments of trust.
The one-day customer journey mapping class will allow individuals who have responsibility for or are involved in Customer Experience initiatives within their organizations, or for those wishing to acquire a greater understanding of a tried and proven method to respond to the evolving customer wants and needs with agility.


Course Takeaway

Participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what a Customer Journey Map is, how it is structured, and the steps required to complete a Customer Journey Map

  • Be able to establish customer personas for their own organization

  • Assist with moderating a Customer Journey Mapping exercise within their own organization


Additional Outline for Day 2 of 2-Day Workshop

On Day Two of the workshop, we will create the client's own organization’s customer journey map, looking in-depth at customer personas, customer touchpoints, and moments of truth.

We will identify where customers experience highs and lows (which is made all the more impactful if the organization already has Voice of Customer data available).

We will examine who in the client's organization is involved, both front stage and backstage, and which of your business processes come into play.

Finally, we will define measures to improve the customers’ journeys and establish a roadmap with action owners and deadlines.


2-Day Workshop Takeaways

The client will have a clear idea of what the current customer journey is and what it should become.

They will have a roadmap of measures that need to be taken in order to improve the customers’ journey and adapt to ever-changing customer wants and needs. The roadmap includes a clear definition of the actions, the names of item owners, and completion deadlines (RACI principle).

Participants will have a clear understanding of how to carry out a Customer Journey Mapping exercise, allowing them to carry out such exercises at regular intervals in the future, reviewing whether the current journey is still appropriate or if and what changes are necessary in order to adapt to evolving customer requirements.

Let's Work Together

Contact me for a quote for a training course for your organization.

Courses can be organized on-site (subject to prevailing travel and health restrictions) or remotely. Courses can be customized in alignment with client requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Course documentation is in English, however, courses can also be delivered in German or French.

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