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Introduction - Customer Journey Mapping

Dive deep into the heart of your customer experience strategy with our in-depth two-day Customer Journey Mapping Course and Workshop. Designed with businesses, divisions, or units in mind, this bespoke program marries expert instruction with practical, hands-on application, revolutionizing your approach to Customer Journey Mapping.

A pivotal feature of our approach includes a 2-hour consultation call before the workshop begins. This essential step allows us to grasp your organization's unique challenges and goals, ensuring the course content is perfectly tailored to yield the greatest impact.

Start your journey to unparalleled customer insight and business transformation by reaching out for a customized proposal.

Course Overview

This workshop introduces participants to a dynamic and effective methodology for enhancing customer satisfaction and refining the customer experience. By cultivating a deep understanding of customer interactions, businesses are empowered to implement meaningful changes. These adjustments not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering a culture of excellence and responsiveness.

Attendees will construct customer journey maps based on their organization, gaining insight into crucial customer touchpoints and defining moments of trust. This exploration is instrumental in visualizing the entirety of the customer's interaction with your business, highlighting areas ripe for enhancement.

Course Takeaway

By the end of this immersive two-day journey, your team will:

  • Possess a comprehensive grasp of the Customer Journey Mapping process and recognize its critical importance to business success.

  • Be armed with a bespoke Customer Journey Map, reflecting the nuanced experiences unique to your customers.

  • Have a strategic action plan in hand to elevate the customer journey, primed for immediate implementation to ensure continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

This course is more than an educational experience; it's a transformational process that equips participants with the knowledge and tools for independent Customer Journey Mapping. It fosters a proactive culture within your organization, focused on streamlining processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately leading to cost savings and revenue growth.

Course Coverage

  • Detailed exploration of Customer Journey Mapping, including its purpose, structure, and essential steps.- D

  • Creation of customer journey maps to identify key touchpoints and moments of truth.

  • Development of a tailored Customer Journey Map for your organization, focusing on customer personas, pivotal interactions, and significant moments.

  • Utilization of Voice of the Customer (VoC) data to refine the mapping process, pinpointing opportunities for boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Examination of the role of different organizational departments and their impact on the customer journey.

  • Formulation of a strategic action plan to enhance the customer journey, complete with a clear action roadmap, designated responsibilities, and timelines.

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Transform your approach to customer experience with our expert-led Customer Journey Mapping Course and workshop. Contact us now at to secure a training program meticulously crafted for your organization's unique path to success.

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Book and confirm your in-house on-site customer journey mapping course before June 30th, 2024 and get a 20% discount off our flat-rate charge of USD 5000 (for up to 20 participants).

Alternative pricing for workshops conducted remotely (Zoom). Contact us for details!

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Customer Journey Mapping

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Courses can be organized on-site (subject to prevailing travel and health restrictions) or remotely. Courses can be customized in alignment with client requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Course documentation is in English, however, courses can also be delivered in German or French.

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