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Backed by years of experience in B2B Customer Experience, my services and expertise meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth. Please get in touch with me today to learn how can help your future success either with our consulting services or our customized training courses.

  • "Presented service excellence in an interesting and understandable way"

  • "Interesting processes, models, and frameworks"

  • "Good presence and presentation skills. Great explanation of methods and tools"

  • "Focuses on what is best practice and gives good practical tips"

Introductory Consultation

When working on customer experience-related projects, it is important to assess company culture and objectives. Contact me for a complimentary introductory consultation to discuss how I can assist you to achieve your customer experience objectives or to discuss scheduling a CX Maturity Assessment of your organization.

Business Meeting

Customer Journey Mapping

The world is experiencing an unprecedented global crisis. Tried and tested response mechanisms have proven to be less effective than one might have hoped. We will need to develop new, sometimes untried and untested, answers to this crisis. This applies to government and business communities just as much as it does to the scientific and medical communities. These communities are now faced with unprecedented challenges and customer requirements are evolving at an ever-faster rate. We need to face these challenges head-on.

Once the crisis is over, business will need to be reinvented. The whole concept of how we do business will need to be re-appraised.

Customer Journey Mapping is an excellent way to ensure that you know who your customers are, what their requirements are, and how you should respond. Customer journey mapping creates opportunities and space for new ideas.

It will allow you to define initial opportunities for improvement and to establish a roadmap for change. It is a critical element in your CX toolbox.

Contact me to discuss options for in-house Customer Journey workshops, customized to your organization, and at the end of which your organization will have a clear idea of what the current customer journey is, what it should become and how to get there.

Alternatively, read more here about my Customer Journey Mapping training courses.

Voice Of Customer Programs

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is an important component of a customer experience strategy. It describes your customers’ feedback about their experiences with and expectations for your products and/or services. It focuses on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement. VoC programs have become more important over the years and are becoming an increasingly important part of organizations' core business strategies. Capturing and acting on customer feedback is critical to understanding customers' wants and needs, determining areas of service or products that require improvement, and ascertaining how to ensure customer loyalty going forward.

Contact me to discuss how I can assist you to review and improve your current VoC program or establish a new VoC program for you!

Or read more here about my Voice of Customer training courses.

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Complaint Management

With over 10 years experience managing customer complaints for a global engineering company, I have witnessed first-hand how effective complaint handling can enhance an organization's reputation.

Although many organizations consider complaints to be a nuisance or, at best, something negative, they are actually a treasure trove of data and always represent an opportunity to show a customer how much the organization cares about getting things right.

It's important to get the capture process right to ensure nothing falls between the cracks, ensure that complaints can't get "lost" in the system, put in place an analysis process to ascertain whether there are negative trends developing, carry out root cause analyses to figure out what is happening allowing corrective measures to be put in place and, finally, to provide the customer with feedback and a resolution,

Contact me to discuss how I can assist you to review and improve your current Complaint Management processes or establish a new Complaint Management process for your organization! 

Go here to find out more about my Complaint Management training courses.

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