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The two-day (or 4 half-days if carried out remotely) Voice of Customer Interactive training course will give participants a firm base for introducing their own VoC programme or reviewing and improving an existing programme.

The course is intended for individuals who have responsibility for, are involved in, or wish to establish a Voice of Customer programme and processes within their organization. It may also be useful for those involved in customer quality management and continuous improvement initiatives within their organizations, or for those wishing to acquire a greater understanding of tried and proven methods to respond to the ever-increasing customer expectations.

Contact me for a quote for a training course for your organization.

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Outline Day 1

On day one we will learn about the nature of customer feedback and the most commonly used types of customer feedback programmes. We will also look at other forms of customer feedback and the channels through which the voice of the customer can be monitored. We will examine what the prerequisites are for starting a company voice of customer programme and, if necessary, how to ensure that they are in place. Wewill look at how to establish the scope for the programme and finally, how to ensure that we get the buy-in from the C-Suite and senior management to ensure that we have the necessary backing and resources


Take Aways Day 1


  • Have a clear understanding of what VoC is and how important it is for the future growth of their organization

  • Know where to look for customer feedback

  • Know the steps required in order to establish a valuable and sustainable VoC programme

  • Have created a preliminary draft of a presentation to senior management to get buy-in from the C-Suite or senior management team


Outline Day 2

On day two we will look at how to plan the implementation and roll-out of a VoC programme. We will look at who should be involved and to what extent. We will look at communicating the plan to the organization and how to ensure that there is widespread understanding of the objectives of the programme. We will look at how to close the loop
with customers giving feedback and let them know that they are being heard. Finally, we will look at what governance needs to be in place to ensure that results are transparent and meaningful.

There will be exercises throughout both days to give participants practical experience in developing a project plan, a presentation to C-Suite / Senior Management, and a communication plan to the organization for a VoC programme.


Take Aways Day 2


  • Have understood the principles of closing the loop with customer and be in possession of a framework for the initial follow-up conversation with customers

  • Have created a preliminary project plan to launch a VoC programme for the organization

  • Have created a preliminary draft of a communication plan to ensure that the entire organization understands the objectives of the VoC  programme and the role that each staff member has to play.

Let's Work Together

Contact me for a quote for a training course for your organization.

Courses can be organized on-site (subject to prevailing travel and health restrictions) or remotely. Courses can be customized in alignment with client requirements. Don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Course documentation is in English, however, courses can also be delivered in German or French.

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